The day Kim started working for a not for profit charity serving adults with developmental disabilities the game changed. As a Child and Youth Work graduate from Humber College, her experience had been primarily with families and youth in the foster care system. Specializing in trauma/attachment and therapeutic interventions Kim served a very difficult population for many years. A brief time out took her on an adventure in the culinary world, producing handmade cooking oils and managing a retail location on Broadway in Orangeville. When that path ended, she found herself back in the field of human services anxious to make a change.

The non-profit world is as tough as it is beautiful. The motivation for the Essential Good was to engage in socially conscious business to support the non-profit sector. The participants and families at the day program she manages now are Kim’s daily reminder that we can all rise above, give back and build sustainable community. Kim went back to school in 2017 to get her BA in Human Services to better understand social patterns and how her work can benefit communities. A Master’s degree in Community Development is in the future. Work, school, and business are all a holistic process of joining together ideas, collaboration and learning to build stronger more resilient communities.