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The Essential Good exists to "do some good" with our innovative clothing line, utilizing art designs by individuals with developmental disabilities. We believe each shirt and the person wearing it has the power to transform their community, champion a cause and challenge others to do the same.

An apparel that aspires to more than adorn us with good but change us for great, change the way we live. I love everything about The Essential Good. I love the clothes. I love creativity. And most of all, I love that at its core is a vision to assemble a community where everyone has the tools to be well, rise strong, stand firm and do some good. --Mirian Sansalone

When it comes to “doing some good” The Essential Good does just that.  Their products are symbolic of people in the community with a strong message attached to it ~ Doing Some Good for non-profit groups locally.  Every product is marketed with love and compassion to enhance non-profits in the community to attain a higher level of achievement for the cause they support. Dedicated ~ Committed ~ Charitable ~ is what The Essential Good strives for and achieves.  Do Some Good – Feel Some Good. --Jayne Van Gerven



We donate from every purchase to community non-profits.

Your dollars


are doing good!

Disclaimer: Although The Essential Good makes financial donations to a variety of community non-profits The Essential Good is not legally bound to any one organization, nor does the Essential Good make warranties or representations regarding the quality, or accuracy of the operations of the listed benefactor sites of our donations.